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You don't have to be an expert to talk taxes. This page tells you everything you need to know.

Anna goes to CEGEP and works part-time

Anna is over 18. She goes to CEGEP full-time and has been working part-time in a clothing store for two years. She lives with her parents. She’s never filed a tax return—her father says she doesn’t have to, since her income is below the basic exemption and there are no source deductions on her pay. All the same, she wonders if she should.

Anna really should file a return. Not only could she be entitled to tax benefits, but her father could too. It’s win-win!

Q&A — Anna
  • Anna's employer doesn't withhold any income tax from her pay because her yearly income is below the basic exemption. Why should she file a return?

    Even if Anna doesn’t have to pay income tax, filing her return could let her take advantage of social programs and tax benefits.

  • How can Anna filing her tax return benefit her father?

    Even if Anna doesn’t have any income to report, she can transfer all or part of her tuition or examination fees to her father when she files her return.

    Plus, since she’s over 18, she can also transfer an amount as a child 18 or over enrolled in post-secondary studies to him.

Antonio is young and employed

Antonio has been working for two years, but he’s never done his own taxes—a friend has been doing them for him. Lately, however, Antonio has started becoming more interested in tax stuff. He’d like to do his own taxes, but he doesn’t know where to start. It’s easy! Antonio first needs to round up his supporting documents and tax slips. Then he can choose whether he wants to use the paper forms or authorized software to complete his return, and whether he wants to file it online or by mail. For help, he can always refer to the Revenu Québec website.

Q&A — Antonio
  • What's the best way for Antonio to file his tax return?

    Filing online is fastest because it eliminates steps like mailing and manual processing. Plus, Antonio will get quick confirmation that Revenu Québec received his return.

  • What's the deadline for filing the tax return and paying any income tax due?

    The deadline is April 30 for both filing the return and paying any tax due.

    Recently announced relief measures are in effect for this tax season. To learn more, refer to the COVID-19 FAQ for individuals.

  • Can Antonio get any of the required tax slips online?

    Yes. Many of the slips that Revenu Québec asks for are available in My Account for individuals. Most of them must be sent out by February 28, but the deadline for some is March 31.

  • What's the fastest way for Antonio to get his tax refund?

    If Antonio is entitled to a refund, it can be deposited directly into his bank account. All he has to do is sign up for direct deposit in one of the following ways:

    • online in My Account for individuals
    • online through his financial institution (if it offers such a service)
    • by enclosing a voided cheque with his name and social insurance number on it with his tax return
    • by completing form LM-3-V, Request for Direct Deposit, and either mailing it to Revenu Québec or enclosing it with his tax return
    • by completing a Request for Direct Deposit (form LM-3-V)
  • What's the best way for Antonio to pay his income tax?

    If Antonio has to pay income tax, he can choose from a few easy options:

    • on his financial institution’s website
    • in person at his financial institution or at an ATM
    • by mail
  • How can Antonio check the status of his return and find out when he'll get his refund?

    All he has to do is log in to My Account for individuals or use the Refund Info-line.

  • Can Antonio make changes to his return once he's filed it?

    If Antonio needs to make changes to his return, he shouldn’t file a new one. Instead, he can:

    • use the online service in My Account for individuals
    • file a Request for an Adjustment to an Income Tax Return (form TP-1⁠.⁠R⁠-⁠V) by mail, along with the required supporting documents
    • if the return he wants to change is for 2020, 2019 or 2018 and he filed it using authorized software, he can use that software to make the changes and then file the amended return online or by mail (if he sends it online, he doesn’t need to send Revenu Québec a paper copy)